promoting the charity Hope & Homes for Children

The Granta Chorale

Saturday 13 February 2010 at 7.30pm
at All Saints Church, Great Chesterford

Songs of love and longing and a little light music to put you in the mood for Valentine's Day!

with guest reader Neil Marshall


This event has already taken place. We hope to see you at one of our future events.


On the eve of St Valentine's Day we joined Granta Chorale for a concert themed on 'songs of love and longing'. The concert, promoting the charity 'Hope and Homes for Children', drew a sizeable audience that filled All Saints Church in Great Chesterford despite a chill February evening.
The 12th century church with its warm acoustic was an excellent setting for this increasingly flexible a cappella ensemble and their performance was enjoyed by young and old alike.
Congratulations are due to the programming team who produced a series of mostly 3 song sets with the first songs being of a more classical nature and the third a jazzy or swing number of wider appeal. As an example we enjoyed the rich musical contrast between Elgar's 'My love dwelt in a Northern Land', the tonal simplicity and beauty of Pearsall's popular English madrigal composition "Lay a Garland" (which despite the madrigal style dates from only 1840) and then to finish, the ever popular smooth jazzy number "Autumn Leaves" based on the 1945 French song "Les feuilles mortes".
Songs had been selected from the 1500s up to the 20th century and despite the broad range of genres, language and articulation, were delivered with both style and panache.
Of particular note was the standard of performance with the choir communicating energy and enthusiasm and engaging well with the audience.
The song sets were interspersed with well chosen verse and prose read by Neil Marshall who has worked with the choir on several occasions. The readings were at times poignant, romantic and witty and contrasted well with the selected songs.
Heartsong indeed; a perfect musical prelude to Valentine's Day.
JL Feb-10

A very big thank you on behalf of Hope and Homes for Children.
Saturday evening added many new local acquaintances and hopefully some longer-term friends for the charity too.
The evening was very enjoyable in its content, presentation and quality. The Granta Chorale has certainly won additional followers based on the comments various new-comers to your audience have made to us.
So much more preparation and experience lies behind an evening such as you provided on the 13th that is out of sight but is in our thoughts when we say our thanks.
Please would you also pass our thanks on behalf of Hope and Homes to the Chorale members who dressed to the occasion on the night, despite the chilly down-drafts, and enthralled their audience as ever with the quality of their presentation.
PW and MG (Hope and Homes for Children) Feb-10

Audience Comments

The Chorale goes from strength to strength - the bit the singers can never see is that you all look very happy when you sing, which is infectious!

What a good choice of music - it worked very well having the madrigals interspersed with the modern pieces.

About Hope and Homes for Children

Imagine growing up not knowing what a family is, not having the sense of belonging, or the emotional support that being part of one provides. Families are a source of comfort, warmth and nurturing, protection and security. If children are denied this love and respect their chances in life are dramatically reduced.

At Hope and Homes for Children we believe that, above all else, every child should grow up within a caring family. We work together with children, their families and communities across Africa and Central and Eastern Europe to ensure that children grow up in an environment where they have the opportunity to fulfil their potential. We move children out of institutions into family-based care, help keep together families at risk of breakdown - due to the pressures of poverty, disease or conflict - and work to prevent child abandonment.

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